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Free Tiny House Plans – Quartz Model with Bathroom

Well, it took me forever, but I finally got it done!

After getting so much crap (hehehe no pun intended there) about creating a tiny house without a bathroom, I promised you a modified version with full ammenities.

This proved to be a little more difficult than I thought, because I’m a stickler for things looking balanced on the inside and out. Changing the floor plan meant changing windows – windows that had been very carefully placed for maximum curb appeal.  Here’s what I finally came up with – 

I moved the kitchen to the front wall, and placed the bathroom where the kitchen was.  The windows on the front are carefully placed to allow a stove and sink to fit under and between.  This does mean we loose the end door, and the desks that convert to a table, but you can still place a smaller desk under the remaining window.  When you go tiny, you have to comprimise on some things.  I feel like this is a good balance of keeping that open feeling, while adding all the ammenities.  And did you notice the full size appartment fridge?

One thing I did not do is account for water tanks and utility storage.  Depending on your climate, you can do a few different things.  If it must be insulated, the corner of the kitchen could hold tanks, or there is storage on top of the bathroom.  If freezing isn’t an issue, tanks could be stored outside or underneath.  I’d love to hear how you tackle that one, so if you do build, please share.

Well, here are the plans!  Enjoy!  Can’t wait to see your tiny house!

XO Ana




PS – Make sure you check out the original plans as they are very similar and there is alot of added information through videos and projects that you can find here.