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Small Outdoor Shed or Closet Converted into Smokehouse

Hi everyone!  Happy weekend!  Hope you are sawdust deep into an awesome project this weekend!

So I’ll make a long story very short today (as I’m itching to get back to the garage myself!) –

We live in Alaska.

We catch and eat alot of salmon.

Store bought electric smokehouses are too small and won’t dry the fish enough.

So the hubs has been bugging me for a couple of years now to build a smokehouse.  

So we finally did!!!

It’s really just a shed with a wood stove piped into the back. Unless you have my problems, it would be a great spot for rakes and shovels, gardening supplies – anything you could fit in there!

This was Jacob’s baby, so he did the video this time (sweet, more building, less hair primping for me!), and all the steps are laid out in it –

A few notes on the video –

– We had a ton of scrap 2×6 tongue and groove left over from our cabin build (all the warped and twisted stuff, how fun, right?) so we used that.  The plans that follow call for plywood and are optimized for full sheets of plywood.  If you want to use tongue and groove like we did, you can use 1×6 (there’s a full frame) or 2×6, but will need to do some adjusting to the plans.

– If you wanted to get a similar look but simplify by using plywood (as shown in the plans) just make the doors out of tongue and groove.  The front is what you end up seeing.

– We had a pile of 2x3s that are just taking up space in the garage, so we used them in the video instead of 2x4s (as called for in the plans and more common).  

– We are having a terrible bee year (that’s what you see in the video) and use the smoke to keep the bees off the salmon but they hoover as close to the fish as they can get.

– The salmon is delicious.

Well, I’ll let you get back to it – same here! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

XO Ana + Family